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At Artisan Boudoir, our visionary team redefines beauty standards through joyous, personalized photography. We ignite a celebration of your natural elegance and confidence, capturing the essence of your unique journey. Embrace an intimate, empowering experience where each image affirms your individuality. Join us to create unforgettable moments together.



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Had a second Halloween shoot with Simon, and again it was heaps fun. We captured more super cool spooky images, it was myself and Anastasia shooting with Simon again. We all always have great fun and a laugh as well and creating cool images. Simon is always a pleasure to work with as well. Highly recommended Thanks Brook Logan Xx


The lovely Simon, I love working with Simon, he’s so much fun to work with. He came to my home studio today for our second shoot together. He arrived on time, all ready to shoot with his equipment. Simon is chilled, relaxed and very easy to work with. He produces great images one after the other, we also got to do a very special first bump shoot. Thank you so much for a great shoot! Catch up soon!!


Had a fantastic first shoot with Simon today at my home in Milton Keynes. I knew from the messages Simon was sending i would be totally safe and he was clearly a respectful, professional photographer. Simon arrived on time, we had a chat and cuppa. Simon is chatty, friendly, extremely respectful and has some excellent ideas. Without a doubt I would highly recommend him to any model. Massive thanks Look forward to next time.  Thanks 🙂


I had another shoot with Simon recently at my home for an idea I’d had. I’d sent Simon the mood board for it prior to our shoot and sorted out props etc and was pleased that we were both along the same wavelength with what I wanted to create. As always it was a pleasure working with Simon again he arrived on time ready to go and was friendly and professional throughout! I’d definitely recommend working with him and look forward to working with him again soon!

Caroline Jessica

Had a wonderful shoot with Simon yesterday! It was my third time working with him and each time just gets better and better! I had so much fun as the shoot was super creative and as always, Simon was fantastic to work with he is such a friendly and lovely person. He is so enthusiastic when working and it makes, me as the model feel even more excited and confident when shooting. Simon has an amazing attitude which made the shoot flow so well and makes it even more enjoyable all round. I hope to shoot with him again soon.


Why Choose Simon Childs Photography?


When it comes to artisan boudoir, Simon Childs Photography stands out with a signature approach that combines comfort with luxury. Our artisan boudoir sessions are an exploration of self-expression, wrapped in the delicate tapestry of fine art photography. We ensure that ‘Artisan Boudoir’ is not just a phrase but an unforgettable experience.

Simon Childs Photography – Experience true Artisan Boudoir

At Simon Childs Photography, we are devoted to the art of artisan boudoir, creating portraits that celebrate the intimate and personal beauty of each client. With over ten years of expertise in artisan boudoir photography, we capture the essence of your unique story through our lens, providing a deeply personal and empowering portrait experience.

What We Offer

Tailored Boudoir Artistry – Our artisan boudoir sessions are meticulously designed to reflect your personal style and essence, ensuring a portrait that is inherently you. Discover Your Boudoir Artistry.

Elegant Portrait Creations – Embrace the artisan touch with our sophisticated boudoir portraits, capturing your elegance with our expert photography. View Our Elegant Creations.

Expert Styling Guidance – Receive personalized styling advice to enhance your artisan boudoir experience, ensuring every detail is perfect. Book Your Styling Session.


Embark on Your Artisan Boudoir Voyage with Simon Childs Photography

Step into the world of artisanal elegance. Schedule Your Artisan Boudoir Session and let’s craft a vision of beauty and empowerment together.

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Feel the artisanal difference in boudoir photography. Get in touch with us to curate your bespoke session and celebrate your story.

Client Praises

Our clients’ words reflect the transformative journey of our artisan boudoir photography. Hear Their Stories.