Simon is Passionate about Beautiful Portraits and Boudoir  he loves to capture images that have a strong graphic and emotive content.

Beauty can be seen in all things, but I have always been fascinated by the beauty of women!  Although beauty can be defined differently, I see it as the qualities or sum of qualities that bring pleasure to the senses.  In my photography, female subjects can be seen as kind,  loving, sensual,  powerful, dominant, submissive forgiving or vengeful; it just depends on how the mood takes them on the day.

Regardless of their aura, I love capturing their emotions. They can be humble, subtle or subdued, or bold and vivacious all in the same shoot.  Seeing, capturing, and composing the innate beauty of a woman is what separates a snapshot from a photograph.  Through the chaos of curves and poses, I am passionate about defining the narrative symmetry of my subject’s form while allowing them to add their own unique personality and emotions to a shoot.  Although I always shoot with a relaxed, easy-going style, I cannot help but feel a tremendous buzz of excitement when I witness my clients re-discovering their confidence and inner beauty In the images we create together.